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About Oriflame

Join Oriflame and start an exciting journey towards a bright new future! As a consultant you are offered the chance to Look great, Make money and Have fun. Our mission is to fulfil dreams and that means giving you the tools and inspiration to change your lives for the better, to achieve your individual goals.

For over 50 years, Oriflame has been empowering people to make a change in their lives by personally recommend and sell high quality beauty products inspired by nature and powered by Swedish science. Oriflame is Europe’s largest beauty company selling direct with a global community of over 3 million independent sales consultants around the world.

About WhirlWind Family

WhirlWind Family is the fastest growing team in Nigeria with over 20 Directors and Leaders in the Top 15. The Leader of the WhirlWind Family, Jennifer Nkut Apeji is Currently the No. 8 in the Top 15. In The WhirlWind Family we are result oriented and self motivating UNSTOPPABLE individuals with the GOAL to fulfill our dreams with the ORIFLAME Business model that is being used in over 66 countries and for more than 51 years.

In WhirlWind Family, we are not just another team, but a family that thrive regardless of the challenges of everyday business. So we made it our mission to help you fulfill your dreams because you deserve someone to believe in you and to show you the road to financial freedom and upliftment.

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My name is Jennifer Nkut Apeji A lifestyle Coach. An Enterprenuer. A wife and a mother of 3 children. A Diamond Director with oriflame. I joined oriflame Nigeria in July 2015, while working as a Teacher with a reputable school in Barnawa.Kaduna State. I enjoyed my job  and was diligent at it but wanted to do more , but could not really find another business I could be passionate about. A good friend came visiting from Lagos and brought the oriflame opportunity to me, I fell in love with the catalogue the very first time I saw it with beautiful pictures of products and the packaging, I immediately sourced for 25k and  I began my oriflame journey. I earned 3500 my first month of joining aside my profits, I started talking to more friends and even people  I didn't know about my business, some joined immediately,others joined after using our products cause it solved skin issues they have tried severally to cure without results! I have since travelled to 5 countries all expense trip paid with oriflame. I just qualified for a Hyundai Crete jeep Qualified for an all expense trip paid to Sydney 2019. Qualified for an all expense trip paid to Sweden 2019. Qualified for an all expense trip paid to Los Angeles 2020.All to the glory of God. God used alot of people on my journey to get me to where I was today. I thank God for working as a teacher, it gave me alot of skills I used in my business and also the position I held in my Former School where I taught prepared me for where I am today. God used it as a training ground to prepare me for where I am today and would be in future. AM convinced more than ever that when God prepares a task for you, He makes provision for   different opportunities and people on your way to guide you towards accomplishing that task, you might not understand why you go through certain experiences, but You will understand in future. You can start NOW! If You have been wanting to take a step towards living your dream and you keep putting it off, it's never late to begin.

Jennifer Nkut Apeji​
Diamond Director, Whirlwind Family, Kaduna

My name is Sadiku Musa Ashafura I am Nupe by tribe from Niger state and have been living in Kaduna for the past 26 years. I am a Professional Network Marketer, an entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert, Business and lifestyle coach, a Computer Science student, An ICT Enthusiast and a Senior Manager with Oriflame. I am passionate about beauty and financial freedom. I strongly believe that we can take control of our lives and build the future we desire. A better life for me is to give my family the best lifestyle they desire and show as many people interested in having a better life do the same. This for me is my WHY for joining Oriflame.


I joined Oriflame late September 2017, a friend told me about the opportunity and because of the respect I have for her, I joined without knowing what's in it for me, all I knew was that she's making money and looking good so I sent her my details to get me started. I got my products few days after registration and started selling immediately. Prior to that, I had no experience in sales, networking or marketing but I was determined to try and to learn. In October I grew to 6% title and I got my first commission of about ₦4,000 in my bank account. I was excited and convinced that this business really works and it is the opportunity I have been waiting for, by only selling (and making profit) and inviting friends to also join and make money I got paid? Who does that?

I was more convince after I attended the first Oriflame Opportunity Meeting at our then Office in Angola Close Barnawa where I met some of the top leaders and also interacted with like minded people who also share the same passion for beauty and financial freedom. I learnt more about the business and eventually sacked my boss in November 2017 so as to fully focus on my new business. This journey for me is everything, my dreams are more realistic than ever, helping people makes me happy and the fact that my family now have a chance to live the life we desire keeps me going. Fun can never be subtracted from Oriflame... I get a lot of it these days and wherever 3 or more of us meet, we must have fun... Series of events and activities makes this business more interesting, exciting and adventurous. The seminars, opportunity meeting, free trips and hangouts is something to look out for. The recognitions I got from Oriflame is second to none and it tells me that this is worth it and that I matter to the company... For me, Oriflame is a company with heart...

My name is Elizabeth Awan. I'm a wife, a mother, an ex-banker with over 10 years experience and currently an Insurance Personnel & Director with Oriflame Nigeria. I came across the Oriflame opportunity in August 2016 and based on my boss' presentation I got interested immediately particularly when I heard about MONEY!  However I had a challenge, TIME. I was looking at combining the business with my current job so I started dragging it but the persistence of my sponsor & boss Jennifer cut me short my dragging as i had to sign up to keep them off me. I registered that same month & placed my 1st order of 259bps which earned me N755.16. At that point I thought I had satisfied my sponsors so I packed up but diehards that they were, they never left me alone. Then when I needed to buy some personal effects, they ensured that I attended their training which ended just like that until I attended the second training in December that was when I received my FIRE baptism & since then I've never looked back & its been from glory to glory. Did I have challenges? A lot because I’ve been a Director for over 1 Year now, people have lost titles in my team. Selling my products has not been difficult because I was already a marketer & was using the products so I was selling what was already working for me. Any regrets? Dragging my feet from August to December is my only regrets. Advice to existing consultants: Don't drag your feet for any reason, just keep moving. Give your business your best & you will surely get the best out. Advice to new entrants: Go in headlong & tap the Oriflame opportunity wealth. Challenges would always come just like in any other biz or endeavour but know that they are there to bring out the better "U"!

Elizabeth Awan
Director, Whirlwind Family, Kaduna

My name is Ifeoluwa Olufunmilola Akanni. I was born 53 years ago in Kano. I hold a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Master of Public Health degrees from ABU, Zaria and University of Ibadan respectively. Am happily married to Pastor (Barr.) S.A. Akanni. My career of about 30 years have been in both community, clinical and public health settings. And I still practice my professions. My inspiration in life dates back to reading a plaquè hung on the wall in my house while growing up, " Only one life 't'll soon be past, only what is done for Christ will last" . I interpret this to mean; what you do for men is done for Christ. Hence, I always long for ways I could positively affect lives. Though I have been involved in other network marketing companies in the past, but I joined Oriflame because of the principle of being "powered by dreams". One of my dreams is to help other people particularly women to get out of poverty and I couldn't do that on my own but here is Oriflame opportunity saying; _build a network and you'd help change the lives of people. My journey with Oriflame started in February 2018. As much as I wanted to make money, I also was excited by the fact that the products are organic. Before Oriflame, it was always a BIG deal sourcing safe cosmetic products for me and my family. I would go scan all the ingredients in every product before reluctantly making a choice. So it amounted to much waste of time, energy and often money too. I have been able to connect people I know into the business opportunity and even people I never knew and wouldn't have known have become connected through the Ori-network. Am now a Manager with Oriflame though the journey has had lots of hiccups but I am determined to fulfil my dream to see as many women as possible also fulfil theirs while I also make more money, look Good and have lots of fun. Am happy when I see others happy (I look forward to one of those 'having fun' events ). One of my on-going projects is identifying children of college age and assisting them in little ways to get higher education. With Oriflame, I see me able to do that on a large scale. I see myself in no distant time from now become a 7-figure earner with Oriflame and that way, am sure to put back into my community more. It'll also enable me finance my other business projects. The team WWF2 has been awesome group of like-minded men and women of beauty. You would think that as independent consultants, people would not look out for one another but rather for themselves. Here I see a team of selfless persons who celebrate one another and are concerned about the progress of one another. Am not so surprised because our leader and boss, Lady Jennifer Nkut Apeji is such a selfless leader and she is pouring out herself into us all. The team has helped me to be more concerned about building leaders in my team. It has strengthened my resolve to succeed and am determined to go all the way Over the Top

Ifeoluwa Olufunmilola Akanni
Consultant, Whirlwind Family, Kaduna

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