Who is Sadiku Ashafura?

My name is Sadiku Musa Ashafura I am Nupe from Niger state and living in Kaduna for the past 26 years. I am a Professional Network Marketer, an entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert, Business and lifestyle coach, A Computer Science student, An ICT Enthusiast and a Senior Manager with Oriflame. I am passionate about beauty and financial freedom. I strongly believe that we can take control of our lives and build the future we desire. A better life for me is to give my family the best lifestyle they desire and show as many people interested in having a better life do the same. This for me is my WHY for joining Oriflame.

I started my Network Marketing Career in September 2017 without any previous experience in networking and very little experience in sales thanks to my previous engagements. My willingness to learn and create the lifestyle I desire made me committed to learning and becoming a professional I am today. I started from Zero and now I earn in 6 figures monthly and have travelled with Oriflame, met new friends with the same passion and goals for better life. I have helped men and women from different backgrounds start this business as their Plan B (or A) source of income and right now I have team all over Nigeria. Gradually, my DREAM is no longer an imagination, it is gradually becoming a reality. All these I do from my home with my smartphone. 

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